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Cash Required: $50,000
Investment Range: $90,000 - $100,000
Business Type: Franchise
SBA: Yes
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Own a Gourmet Streets food truck franchise.

Food Trucks is the Fastest Growing Sector in Restaurants

Gourmet Streets™, is the only exclusively gourmet food truck franchisor in the world. Offering:

  • We offer $5,000 off our franchise fee for veterans.

  • Flexibility in hours
  • Flexibility in Location
  • Getting in at Ground Level
  • Great Expansion Opportunities

A Great Nest Egg for the Future Gourmet Streets™ provides a turnkey business system including cuisines and recipes; truck acquisition, design, and build out; state of the art operations technologies and POS; Mobile App; permits and licensing; training and support; and financing. Gourmet Streets™, USA is the master brand covering seven of the finest gourmet cuisines of freshly prepared, locally grown high quality foods served from the cleanest and most modern commercial kitchens on wheels, and all at the best customer value in the gourmet foods service sector. We currently have outstanding franchise opportunities in prime markets throughout the United States and around the world.

It's a great time to start a Gourmet Food Truck Business!

  • The least expensive restaurant franchise in America
  • Hot receptive market in the 18-35 year-olds, students and business people alike-foodies with money to spend.
  • Low Cost and Operational Overhead
  • A solid cash business
  • Financing up to 50% of start-up costs

7 Incredible Cuisines to Choose From

Gustos "Italian Gourmet in a Cone"

Provide Italian Gusto's fare when you own a Gourmet Streets franchise.When you think of Italian food, your brain may be hardwired towards pizza or pasta with sauce from a jar. Well, get your mind out of The Sopranos, Mr. Ragu. With Gusto's, Italian has gone gourmet in a truck. This is the real deal, inspired by the traditions of Sicily, Florence, Venice, Genoa, and Sophia Loren. Oh, you will find pasta here, but make no mistake about its pedigree. Made from with love and some choice Italian curse words, each dish is a masterpiece of Italian seasonings and flavors, served in a pizza cone for easy eats.

Chillipeppers "Latin-Asian Fusion Cuisine"

Offer Latin-Asian Fusion Chillipeppers food when you own a Gourmet Streets business.In this food truck called Chillipeppers, ginger and wasabi meet chipotle and pico de gallo in a battle so fierce, the only winner can be you and your taste buds. Marvel at the melding of Latin and Asian flavors, delight as the tangy fire of one dish hits your mouth, while another tingles the tongue with delectable sweetness. This is a culinary experience bursting with the hot, spicy, sweet and sublime flavors of two continents and cultural traditions, fit for a gourmet of the most discerning tastes, and served in soft or crunchy tacos for easy eats.

Mambi's "Desserts and Breakfasts"

Offer Mambi's desserts and breakfasts by owning a Gourmet Streets franchise.If you love Willy Wonka, walking through a bakery, or have a sweet tooth, Mambi's will have your heart. Desserts such as these have brought men and women far greater than you to their knees. It is only by the grace of God and Oprah that you are able to stand at all after a Mambi's dessert. And of course our perfect side, is a breakfast for champions (even if you did just get up at 4PM), served all day (and night) long.

American Fare "Dishes that made America Famous"

Gourmet Streets franchisees dish out American Fare.What could be more American than baseball and apple pie, except our American Fare food truck? Combing all 50 states, we braved cowboys, flash mobs, Hollywood starlets, and New Yorkers, in order to bring you the finest gourmet cuisine from across the country. We went with food that is representative of particular regions or states, giving you the culinary equivalent of a cross-country road trip. We're making some really delicious food here.

Gourmet Streets franchise owners serve kabobs, burgers and more from Sizzle Stix.Sizzle Stix "Kabobs, Burgers and more"

It's time to introduce the world to Wickani PRN: (Week au Nee) This word was coined when our executive chef Daren Bulley finally had to define the feeling when foods taste so amazing and wonderful that your knees go weak, and sometimes, people are known to skip a breath. Gourmet Streets has done it again, hitting a home run with a simple stick. The tastiest of foods from the most innovative minds in eateries today-skewered, and served on a stick.

Eastside Deli "Scrumptious Deli Sandwiches"

Serve up delicious sandwiches by Eastside Deli at your Gourmet Streets.Meat, when cut to precision, actually develops texture and flavor. It is the rare deli men, such as us, who know the secret to a supreme deli sandwich. But there is more, certainly, the cut of the meat is vital, but the secret to a truly supreme deli sandwich, that which separates it from the very good and the service-ably great, are the glory of the accompaniments and toppings. Say goodbye to brown mustard and hamburger relish. You are on Gourmet Streets now. We've raised the bar.

Latin Burger & Taco™ "Comfort food with a Latin American flare"

Provide Latin Burger & Taco food when you own a Gourmet Streets franchise.It's time to introduce the world to food truck comfort food with a Latin American flare. Love Burgers- Well we've "Got Burgers", the very best burger on the block, beach, festival, campus, or where ever else you will park your Latin Burger &Taco gourmet food truck. What do you think happens when combining Latin, Texan, Sun, and Kool- it's our famous ‘Latin Macho', a burger made of chorizo, chuck and sirloin, topped with Oaxaca cheese, caramelized onion, jalapenos, and a sauce so good it's named "avocadolicious sauce." Latin Burger & Taco hit the streets of Miami in early December 2009, and ever since it's "Bienvenidos a Miami," gourmet street food, like never before! To put it simply: Latin Burger is serving you ‘Comfort food w/ a Latin American flare', and people are eating it up. Ask owner/operator Jim ‘Mr. Texas' Heins. Granny doesn't ask where the beef is on his truck.

We Are Here to Support Your Success!

  • On-Line and On-Site Training in all aspects of our cuisines, operations, customer service, quality control, hiring, marketing, sales, and much more.
  • Put you in the right truck with the right appliances and equipment.
  • Help you negotiate the best buys with National supply chains.
  • Help you pick a market, determine the routes, and get the permits.
  • Build your brand on a local basis.
  • Connect you to a huge prospective customer base, on-line social networks, mobile technologies, and local advertising.
  • Advise you on event planning and secondary markets to build your business.
  • Provide support when you need it by telephone or in person.
  • Back of House technologies and a state of the art POS System help you run your business successfully and profitably.
  • Monitor your progress, and consult with you as necessary.

Franchisees receive truck alert and more from the Gourmet Streets mobile app.Our Mobile App provides you and your customers with:

  • Truck Alert: Customers will be automatically alerted on their mobile devices when you come within proximity of their location. No initiation on their part required.
  • Locating: Customer can locate you even if you're not in the area.
  • Ordering: Customers can order from their phones, and pay for their orders using PayPal or credit card.
  • Pick-Up: Orders are ready for customer pick-up. Delivery is also provided, really making your Gourmet Streets truck stand out from the rest. No-Wait. Nor Rain, Sleet, or Snow will keep your customers from enjoying your great food.

With Food Truck Franchise Group we take you the distance to a successfully operating food truck business!

While we realize that our concept is attractive to a wide range of applicants, please understand that a minimum of $50k in liquid capital is required for consideration.

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