By Sharon Dietrich | March 15, 2013

challenge-mapWhat is it about children that can open our eyes to wonder?  I taught twelve year old students and loved it, but often there is little understanding as to the incredible rewards of working with children.  There are days that you question your abilities but the moment that an idea sparks in a young mind and catches on, the excitement of writing their first poem or blog or finally understanding the themes behind a book, these moments are a treasure of memories for me.  If you have a passion for kids, you understand the emotions.  Fortunately, there are a number of franchises that can fulfill these dreams and many are in a price range that makes franchising affordable.  One of the newest that I have come across is Challenge Island.   This program combines the imagination of a child with specific challenges that appeal to their natural curiosity.  The program ranges from developing ice cream flavors to building bridges over shark infested waters.  It can be used in after school programs, birthday parties and summer camps.  Helene Foster a current franchisee tells it best.  “We are stunned by the overwhelming response by teachers, principals and children.  Schools are including the program in their enrichment offerings. What children won’t know is how much they are actually learning about the way things work, teamwork and problem-solving.”

Opening a children’s franchise might be the opportunity that you have been waiting for.  Some days will feel like you are on Challenge Island yourself but in the end, the smile of a child will make the difference.

[schema type=”product” url=”” name=”Challenge Island Franchise” description=”Challenge Island is a service business providing project-based programs designed to teach creative problem solving and critical thinking to children, ages 4-13+.” price=”$25000.00″ ]

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