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How do I buy a Securis Franchise?

Total Investment$86,100 - $305,950
Cash Required$150,000
Business TypeFranchise
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Operate a business in a large and emerging market. Every year, hundreds of millions of laptops, mobile phones, hard drives, servers, copiers and other electronic equipment are discarded by corporations, financial enterprises, government institutions and consumers. The challenge is to help organizations dispose of this e-waste in a way that protects both our environment and the sensitive corporate data on these devices.

Over the last decade, Securis has performed IT asset and data destruction services, both onsite and at our secure facility, for hundreds of organizations, from government agencies and government contractors to financial services and healthcare firms to data centers, information technology and professional services firms.

Join a trusted brand in this exploding industry. Now is the time to join the Securis recycling franchise program, take advantage of our expertise and support, and become the owner of your own vital, professional business in the rap

Open Securis in any of these available states: CT, NJ, NY, NC, PA, VA.



IT Asset Destruction and Recycling Franchise is BIG BUSINESS! 

Growing a staggering 322% in the last three years alone!

What We Do

We help companies safely and securely dispose of old IT hardware.

This year, companies will install or purchase over 2.62 Billion computers and every one of these computers will be scrapped at the end of its lifespan. Getting rid of IT hardware is difficult for many companies; it is illegal in most states to dump hardware into landfills and hard drives in these devices have sensitive data that can’t fall into stray hands.

As a result, the e-scrap and IT asset destruction industry has taken off, growing a staggering 322% in the last three years alone! Bloomberg BusinessWeek recently called improper e-waste disposal “one of the biggest conundrums of the digital age.”

Securis is leader in secure data destruction, green hardware recycling and IT scrapping. We provide much needed services for companies who are stuck with out of date hardware and have little or no options to rid themselves of it. We provide on-site hard drive shredding for absolutely secure peace of mind and can haul off just about anything electric.

Securis allows franchisees to enter this potentially lucrative industry without having to build and staff a facility to dismantle and recycle items. We do that for you! You just focus on the front end of the business, garnering contracts to collect items.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Our franchisees generate income in one of three ways:

  1. Companies contract with us to pick up and remove outdated hardware. We have the ability to take out hard dives and shred them on-site and can guarantee that none of our material will end up in landfills. We get paid for the logistics and by the amount of items we remove.
  2. Once we’ve removed it and shredded sensitive hard drives, we recycle any items we can and resell them on the wholesale market. We split the resale price with our franchisees 50/50. Items can resell for a few dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the item.
  3. For items we cannot recycle, we dismantle each piece and strip it into sellable scrap. You earn money for the volume of scrap we recycle. Nothing gets wasted and you turn a company’s problem pile of IT assets into income for your business.

Why Securis

Securis provides services that meet or exceed National Security Agency and National Association for Information Destruction requirements and is certified by the Defense Logistics Information Service to store and transport critical military and technical data.We hold contracts with the Federal Government under General Services Administration (GSA) for on-site and off-site data destruction and has GSA approval and have achieved the critical R2 certification indicating a standard of excellence in recycling.

“Our agency’s data never even left the parking lot, they (Securis) pulled up to the loading dock, turned their shredder on and did it all while I watched.” - Marc K., Local Government Agency, Leesburg, Virginia

Operate your business in a large and emerging market. As part of the Securis team, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Be a leader in the cyber security field by helping in the fight against data theft.
  • Play an important role in protecting our environment by making sure electronics don’t end up in landfills in the U.S. or overseas.
  • Receive multiple revenue streams by offering services on-site and on-location.
  • Share in the revenue generated when old or shredded electronics are processed.


  • Ground floor opportunity with an established company (2012 Inc. 500 ranking).
  • Millions of prospective customers with proven need.
  • Multiple revenue opportunities: Business, Government and Consumer.
  • Serve mass market with low initial investment - leveraging Securis' infrastructure.

Exceptional Experience

When you become part of the Securis program, you have immediate access to a business model that has been developed, market-tested and continually refined over the years. As a franchise owner, you leverage our complete lists of approved equipment and suppliers, plus fully-documented standards, specifications and procedures for operations and management control. You will also benefit from all the training and assistance that the Securis team of well-rounded, support-minded experts provides. We understand what it takes to run this unique type of business.

“We can show you how you can help clients and the environment as you grow your own business. As a Securis franchise owner, you can make a positive impact on so many levels, now and long into the future." - Jeremy Farber, CEO and co-founder, Securis



Join a trusted brand in an exploding industry. Now is the time to join the Securis franchise program, take advantage of our expertise and support, and become the owner of your own vital, professional business in the rapidly growing e-waste recycling and data destruction industry.