By Franchise Steve | November 16, 2011

Coming up with an idea for a successful business model on your own can be difficult. There are many people that take this risk and start their own business. At first, they seem to do well as people are curious about the new business and will come in and look around, make a purchase and then go on their way. Eventually your business will level off and sales often decline. Many businesses often fail at this point because they have no support or help with marketing and other concepts to keep customer traffic flowing through the doors. When you are looking for a successful business model to use, you should consider a franchise, like Cohen Optical.

As a successful business, Cohen Optical has already gone through starting the business from the ground up. The company has overcome the hurdles of driving new customers and repeat customers into the store and has developed their own proven business model. As a franchisee, you will have access to this proven success record and be able to take advantage of this plan when you begin your own franchise.

While there are plenty of franchise opportunities out there available, most often you will find that they are in food related categories. How many different fast food and quick service franchises can a community support before there are too many? Restaurant franchises are more risky because there are so many more competitors. With Cohen Optical, you are providing a service to the community that everyone needs and there are only a limited number of competitors, if any.

Smaller communities may not even have another business like Cohen Optical in their area, which gives your franchise the ability to establish your own customer base before any other competitor comes into the area. Even when there are competitors in the community, placing your business away from them and in an area where they are not located, will give you access to that area of the community. Your location will be more convenient to reach and people will not drive across town when they can come to your business instead.

When you franchise with Cohen Optical, you gain access to innovative tools and support services to help build your business and expand your client base. This company has proven tools which have resulted in patient retention programs and keeps these customers returning to your location year after year. These programs include eye exam recalls, direct mail programs, and internet email marketing campaigns. Customers even have the ability to log on to the internet and schedule their appointments online, which drives new traffic without you having to lift a finger.

Considering the growing number of baby boomers, this large segment of the population provides a large number of potential customers that will need glasses, contacts, and frames. Another highly successful population segment for your Cohen Optical franchise are teenagers, who want contact lenses, even when they do not need a prescription, because they will want fashion lenses to change their eye color. You can learn more about this business franchise opportunity and others online at Franchise Solutions.

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