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The Economic Outlook Of Education Franchising Sector

Oftentimes, the decision to start an education business/franchise is one of passion. However, passion is now being combined with higher profits. That's because demand for services within the education sector are expected to reach the highest levels ever in the coming years. With advances in technology, new and innovative education delivery models, and the expansion of private educational franchises into larger markets, the education franchising sector will experience a significant increase in both revenue and growth.

Projected growth for this industry is 8.1% compounded annually from 2017 to 2024. This growth rate is significantly higher than the projected compound annual growth rate for the franchising sector in general, which is pegged at only 6.7% during the same time period. This growth rate is largely due to the increasing demand for educational services from both consumers and businesses.

Businesses often prefer to outsource educational training, as they require fewer costs and are able to achieve results quickly. This allows the businesses to focus on their core competencies and continue generating revenue. That's not all, though. The ability of educational franchises to leverage technology to expand their reach across global markets fuels growth. And while this is an international industry, the United States is one of the most lucrative markets in the world for educational franchises. In the US, according to the Franchise Business Review, five states account for the majority of demand in the industry. These states are:

  • Texas
  • California
  • New York
  • Virginia
  • Florida

Together, these states account for 60 percent of all educational franchise opportunities in the United States.

Texas is the most lucrative state for educational franchises; between 2013 and 2017, the number of educational franchises in the state more than doubled. Additionally, in 2018 the state earned nearly a quarter of the total revenue generated by educational franchises in the United States. California is not that far behind Texas. Educational franchises in the Golden State earn close to 20% of all total US revenue in 2018. New York, Virginia, and Florida are also becoming increasingly popular locations for educational franchises. In 2018, educational franchises in New York earned close to 11% of all US total revenue, while those in Virginia and Florida earned a combined 10%. Education franchises in New York are particularly popular due to its large student population. An exciting partnership is forming between universities/traditional educational institutions in Virginia and Florida as they join forces with educational franchises to provide innovative learning solutions.

The educational franchising sector is a vibrant and ever-growing industry. With the aforementioned advances in technology, increased demand for educational services, and the expanding presence of private educational franchises in larger markets, education franchises can expect to experience a significant surge in reach and demand.  With these factors at play, the economic outlook for education opportunities looks very promising and is expected to continue to grow in the foreseeable future. If you are passionate about education/are excited about the potential profits of the industry, now is the time to start. So, is the right answer to start a business? When the business grows minds and wallets, the answer is a clear yes!

Huntington Learning Centers

JOIN OUR TOP-RANKED EDUCATION FRANCHISE to achieve world-class student results and franchisee profitability! Huntington helps students get the best education possible, which has been Huntington’s mission for almost 5 decades. There is a tremendous need to…

Cash Required: $110,000

Sylvan Learning Center

Sylvan Learning is the most recognized brand in supplemental and enrichment education. With more than 710 points of presence across the globe, 5,000 school relationships , and over 40 years of great results for students, Sylvan Learning has perfected its…

Cash Required: $80,000

Brain Balance

Brain Balance delivers a personalized, non-medical program offered in-center or at-home. The program is designed to strengthen and build brain connectivity so children can find success in the classroom and beyond to unleash untapped potential. Learn more now!

Cash Required: $150,000

The Tutoring Center

Your Future Belongs Here! Do you want to own your own successful business in a high-demand and rewarding profession? Then look no further than The Tutoring Center! Our turn-key system makes getting started easy with comprehensive training and support,…

Cash Required: $80,000

Club Z! Tutoring

There’s never been a better time to enter this recession-proof industry! Become your own boss and join the multi-billion-dollar tutoring industry. Club Z!’s awarding-winning business offers in-home and online tutoring in all subjects and grade levels.

Cash Required: $40,000

Mathnasium Learning Center

Own the World's #1 Math-Only Tutoring Center, With a Proven Record of Success, for Under $150K. Mathnasium offers a low-cost investment, simple startup, and a proven business model with a successful track record. For under $150K, you receive an exclusive,…

Cash Required: $100,000

Kiddie Academy

Do you dream of owning a business that is both profitable and rewarding? Then Kiddie Academy is the opportunity you've been waiting for! Our strong support system, training program, and proven business model will help you hit the ground running and have…

Cash Required: $250,000

Growth Coach - Business Coaching

Growth Coach is a leader in small business coaching. We provide strategic processes to help small business owners, franchisees, and managers drive their success. This is your opportunity to make the money you want, have the freedom and lifestyle you desire,…

Cash Required: $50,000

School of Rock

You may recognize the School of Rock name from the 2003 movie, but the real School of Rock has become the world’s most revolutionary music education brand. Originally a single location in Philadelphia in the late ‘90s, School of Rock has developed into a…

Cash Required: $150,000

The Learning Experience®

Make a positive difference in the lives of children, families & communities! With 500+ sites open or under development, The Learning Experience® has become one of the nation’s fastest growing child care franchise organizations. Inquire to learn more.

Cash Required: $150,000

Purchase A Franchise Using Your Retirement Plan

This is NOT a franchise or business opportunity. This is a service offered to those seeking to purchase a franchise or business using their retirement funds without having to pay the taxes and penalties. You can purchase a franchise or traditional business…

Cash Required: $30,000

Build My Brand

Did you know you could partner with a company to build out your entire e-commerce store, from product research to inventory acquisition to marketing? Yep! You can easily make 6-7 figures in passive income when we build your e-commerce empire and money-making…

Cash Required: $30,000

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