Franchises with No Minimum Cash Down Payment like Cohen Optical
By Franchise Steve | March 19, 2012

Some types of business opportunities, like Cohen Optical, do not have an upfront minimum cash down payment. However, these types of opportunities may still ask for some type of down payment which goes towards the total cost of franchising your new business. Instead of having to come up with a large upfront down payment, you are allowed to put a smaller amount down. Any additional investment amounts are financed through a small business loan.

Cohen Optical and Other Franchises Include Cash Requirements and Investment Ranges

You will not want to get confused when you are looking at franchise business opportunities about cash requirements and investment ranges. When you look at opportunities on our website here at Franchise Solutions, we provide values for both these items. Cash requirements are the amount of money required for you to put down on your business opportunity. Not all opportunities will have this requirement – Cohen Optical, for example, has no minimum amount. Investment ranges include the amount of additional funding needed to open your business, which are traditionally financed.

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