By Franchise Steve | April 27, 2012

There are times when you might wish that you had a source of additional income. You may require this income to help pay for an unexpected expense, plan a vacation or just to have extra money set aside. When you already work a full time job and have a family, it can be difficult to work a second part time job. One solution is to look at different franchises which can run themselves, like a DVD rental kiosk.

A DVD Rental Kiosk is a Franchise Which Runs Itself

There are certain franchises which require low maintenance and pretty much run themselves. A DVD rental kiosk is such a franchise, because your rental kiosk works full time. Customers come up to the kiosk, rent movies and games, and pay for their transaction. There is no need to be present at the location full time. You just need to visit your kiosks once or twice a week to change out available rental inventories.

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