This isn’t your typical Pet Concept!
By kelly | July 6, 2012

When you think of pet concepts the typical retail store or even doggy daycare comes to mind, right? Well the pet industry has become even more creative.  What about pet cleanliness? What about making dog owner’s responsible for picking up their dog’s poo? Here are two new concepts that are taking it to the extreme.

City Kitty Franchise

City Kitty is a groomer for CATS! Cats out number dogs by over 5 million in America alone. So move over Benji and Toto, it’s time for Garfield to get his hair did. Adrienne Kawamura took her love for cats and turned it into a succesful business model. She is now franchising.

Poo Prints Pet FranchiseHave you ever stepped in dog poo and wanted to know who did it? With over 67 million dogs in the US, not all dog owner’s are responsible enough to pick up after their pets. If you are THAT pet owner, look out…you may be caught next time. PooPrints may have the scoop on your poop! This new business model allows DNA testing on dog poop.The pet industry is a $32 billion dollar market worldwide. Humans love their animals and this doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. As you can see, this industry is not just about big box pet stores anymore.

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