Franchise Solutions Reveals Surprising Statistic About Franchise Buyers
By Kerry Crocco | June 24, 2013

When one thinks about making a big purchase, say a car, a home or a business, one would think that a lot of preliminary research and  “tire-kicking” would need to be done. I think about the process my husband and I went through when we purchased our most recent car; we interviewed family and friends about which cars they preferred. Gosh, we spent more than 10 hours between the two of us shopping on line and reading reviews. Taking into account the time we spent visiting various car dealers, test driving and “working the numbers”, it was a process that took us at least a month despite the fact that we needed a car immediately. Personally, I would not have been comfortable purchasing a car after test driving only one.

Similarly, you would think prospects would spend a large amount of time “test driving” if you could test drive a business, or inquiring online to numerous businesses before for purchasing one. Well Franchise Solutions’ behavioral data proves otherwise and it is quite surprising.  Franchise Solutions found that more than half, 53% to be precise, of Franchise Solutions’ visitors who submitted inquiries, only inquired to ONE company! That’s right, ONE. Now I’m not judging here, but doesn’t that shock you? This statistic leads us to believe that our visitors are focused and know what they want before they get to this stage of acquiring information from businesses. They’ve done their homework so to speak and spent the time interviewing people they know and current franchise owners. They are close to being ready to “take the leap” of franchise ownership.

Another staggering statistic concluded that of the 53% who inquire to one company only, 55% of those prospects bought a business! It certainly defies the common perception about franchise portal leads being compulsively click-happy when it comes to seeking out information on opportunities. Continue reading more interesting statistics Franchise Solutions discloses in this press release. It is part of a series of myth busters of the franchise portal industry that Franchise Solutions is presenting.

Prefer to watch a video outlining these findings? Watch as Matt Alden, President of Franchise Solutions, “busts” myth #127: