Non-Profit and Franchising “Woking” Together
By Kerry Crocco | August 26, 2014

This summer, Franchise Solutions client, Teriyaki Madness, signed on a new kind of multi-unit franchisee; a not-for-profit organization called Brevard Achievement Center.

Michael Haith, chairman of Teriyaki Madness says, “I’ve been doing this a long time, and I rarely see so much synergy.” Haith continues, “I think this is a direction that we’d really like to expand on. If we can help not-for-profit organizations and people in need grow through our business, we want to do that. It’s part of what we all want to do; we all want to give back.”

Brevard Achievement Center (BAC) provides people with disabilities employment opportunities, and now that Brevard has bought the rights to own five Teriyaki Madness locations, they will have about 20 positions available to those adults.

The center is normally funded by state and federal grants and the Florida Department of Education. In addition to those sources, their Teriyaki Madness units will serve as another source of income to help the center’s 450 disabled adults and programs.

Own a Teriyaki Madness franchise“Franchising for the nonprofit industry is quickly becoming a growing business for us because so many of us have had state and federal contracts, and with all the budget cuts, we’re looking for new opportunities,” said Guy Klenke, business development manager for the BAC.

Since Brevard has relationships working in the public sector, Haith hopes the partnership continues and expands into other locations such as airports and military bases. This is a win-win situation, the annual profit of five stores is estimated to net $600K which will support the BAC’s services, and Teriyaki Madness will be that much closer to reaching their goal of opening 100 units by 2016.

Haith says, “This is an opportunity for a for-profit business to expand our territory and help the community. Whenever we get a chance to do both, that’s awesome.”

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