By Kerry Crocco | March 15, 2016

the Apricot Lane Boutiques Franchise Opportunity

Spreading a sense of style isn’t the only purpose this women’s clothing franchise serves. At the core, this boutique offers people with a passion for fashion and an entrepreneurial spirit the opportunity to become a business owner. BUT, you can also make a difference. It is a boutique which serves a greater good and is in the habit of spreading social awareness about global and local issues in our society.

A Truly “Unique Boutique”

This specialty retail concept offers fashions, accessories and gifts for girls in their teens to women in their fifties. But what sets it apart from other clothing and retail stores?

  1. Flexibility in choosing inventory – Franchisees select new products without prior approval from the franchisor which is unique in franchise models. This gives the owner more freedom to personalize the tastes of the store’s market.
  2. Allows customers to set the trends, not follow them – Apricot Lane buyers meet with fashion vendors weekly, giving franchise owners the ability to quickly update merchandise so the boutique is always carrying the freshest fashions hot off the runway.
  3. Individuality at its best – You won’t find a run of sizes in a cookie cutter style on the racks at this boutique, eliminating the fear of running into someone else wearing the same thing. Apricot Lane features limited quantities of new items which arrive almost daily.
  4. A store with a social conscience – Apricot Lane encourages franchise owners to be active in their communities and help make the world a better place through philanthropy and charitable giving. The sale of items often supports causes close to each individual franchise owner’s heart and help fund local charities, schools and non-profit organizations.

The Man behind the Franchise

Ken Petersen, founder and CEO of Apricot Lane, is a retired fire captain who has turned his interests toward being an entrepreneur and steward. He started a non-profit organization called 3Strands Global which is displayed in and benefits from his franchise. 3Strands Global was created to bring awareness to and combat the issue of human trafficking. The sale of hand-made bracelets in the boutique helps employ, educate and empower girls who survived the illegal trade and helps give them a better life.

Peterson’s philosophy is to “be more about making a difference than making money, and if you do, the money will most likely follow.”

Apricot Lane buyers as well as franchisees are constantly looking for new brands which share the same vision to give back to those in need and are featured on the sales floor.

If you’d like to become part of this global effort making a difference in the world and would like to learn more about the training and support Apricot Lane provides new franchise owners.

About Apricot Lane

Apricot Lane opened with a single retail boutique in 1991 and is now a franchise system approaching national sales of $50 million and growing at a pace of opening 20-30 stores per year. Country Visions, the parent company, was created by partners Ken Petersen, Tom Brady and Scott Jacobs and currently supports more than 75 franchise stores. Apricot Lane prides itself on providing new resources and opportunities that will keep Apricot Lane Boutique on top as a fashion trend leader and top retail franchise system.

Learn more about Joining the Apricot Lane Franchise Family

Want to launch your own business with the strength of an established brand and get a head start on developing a loyal customer base? Find out more about this special franchise opportunity by filling out the request form on their Franchise Solutions’ information page.

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