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National Cheesesteak Day is Thursday, March 24th

National Cheesesteak day began on Thursday, March 24, 1994 when four high school students decided to celebrate their upcoming graduation by sharing cheesesteaks at a local Philadelphia restaurant known as Stoxy’s. The Legendary Cheesesteak Sandwich The cheesesteak sandwich was invented by Pat Olivieri, a South Philadelphia hot dog vendor, when one day in 1930 he… Read More »

In Franchising for the Long Run – Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership

While driving down the road, have you noticed there are more of the same franchises popping up in surrounding areas? Perhaps you’ve seen three Dunkin Donuts within a 10 mile radius. These are likely to be owned by a multi-unit franchisee. What is Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership? A multi-unit franchise involves a franchise agreement which provides… Read More »

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Franchise

Ah, the life cycle of a career; it is interesting to see the various paths people take. The bright-eyed graduate: Entering the world of employment The professionally growing employee: Harnessing and developing skills and maybe burning the midnight oil The relocated employee: Trying something new and in a different environment The downsized, unemployed or employee… Read More »

Put Your Tax Refund toward a New Business

This year the IRS issued 77 million refunds averaging more than $2,800 per refund to people who filed early. If you’re getting money back from Uncle Sam this year, consider investing in your future by starting your own business listed on Franchise Solutions. New Comers If you’re new to the job market and find yourself… Read More »

InXpress Expands Services with ShipStation

If you have ever thought about owning your own shipping business, the InXpress opportunity just got better. The already global InXpress brand is combining efforts with ShipStation to offer shipping solutions to a broader spectrum of customers. The new partnership pools the deep discounted international express shipping rates with ShipStation’s e-commerce multi-carrier domestic shipping options.… Read More »

Animal Magnetism Pays Off in Franchising

No matter the season, weather or mood, pets provide unconditional love and apparently the same holds true if you own a pet related franchise.  Businesses in this industry offer a steady income stream regardless of the economy. As proof, take a gander at statistics provided by the APPA (American Pet Products Association) below which demonstrate… Read More »

If Your Dream Is to Own a Business, Let Guidant Help You Achieve It

If you have been thinking about buying or funding a new or existing business or franchise, consider letting Guidant Financial help you reach your goals. Guidant has invested more than $3 billion, and helped create more than 8,500 businesses, which in turn has created more than 55,000 U.S. jobs over the course of the last… Read More »