What is dry cleaning? Dry Cleaning or dry-cleaning is any cleaning process for fabric or clothing that uses chemicals other than water. It is an alternative to hand washing garments and dates back to the ancient Romans. Through the years dry clean businesses have been built on the franchise format and are considered a great opportunity for people seeking franchise ownership. Dry clean franchises offer business owners a solid opportunity to benefit from features such as great hours, no product spoilage, quick turnaround and interaction with customers.

Dry Cleaning Franchises


Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

Choose Martinizing Dry Cleaning - the Greener Cleaner. Martinizing is the largest and best known dry cleaning franchise and brand in the U.S., it continues to innovate and grow. Since 2003, Martinizing has become the “Greener Cleaner,” utilizing the most environmentally safe methods and frie...

Cash Required: $100,000