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Franchise Solutions Celebrates National Pizza Month

Pizza…what’s not to love about it? 93% of Americans eat at least one pizza a month. If you ever wonder what kind of franchise you could open that would thrive, pizza would top the list. The $40 billion pizza industry makes up approximately 17% of all restaurants in the nation and continues to grow rapidly… Read More »

Non-Profit and Franchising “Woking” Together

This summer, Franchise Solutions client, Teriyaki Madness, signed on a new kind of multi-unit franchisee; a not-for-profit organization called Brevard Achievement Center. Michael Haith, chairman of Teriyaki Madness says, “I’ve been doing this a long time, and I rarely see so much synergy.” Haith continues, “I think this is a direction that we’d really like… Read More »

The Capriotti’s Franchise is Givin’ It Away

Franchise Solutions’ client, Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, is opening their newest location in Mansfield, MA, and to celebrate they are giving food and drinks away all week long. If you hurry and make it to the Mansfield location as one of the first 100 customers, you will be awarded with: Tuesday – $5 coupon affectionately called CAPS… Read More »

Fast Food Franchises and Fast Casual Restaurants Show Growth in Difficult Economy

A food service consultants report by Technomic found that sales for the 100 largest fast-casual restaurant franchises grew 10.8 percent in 2008. Unit growth also showed an improvement, increasing by 7.3 percent for the same period. “The fast-casual segment is being pushed towards higher standards by the difficult economic environment,” says Darren Tristano, Technomic EVP.… Read More »

Filta Fry Restaurant Services Franchise, Oil Filtration Technology Makes Fried Food Taste Better!

FiltaFry food franchises specialize in the micro-filtration of restaurant cooking oils that results in the longer life of the oil and better taste of the food. This is a win-win proposition. Use of the FiltaFry service results in reduced frying costs, longer life of the oil, improved food quality and taste, hygienically clean fryers, reduced… Read More »