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PostNet helps small businesses grow by solving three major challenges for our clients: helping them set themselves apart through branding and digitally printed materials; boosting their reach by providing a hosting of website and online marketing solutions; and saving them time by offer fast turnaround times and convenient options such as on-site shipping and logistics.

Small Business ownership has been on the rise since 2001 as Americans have started their own businesses to develop a steady and rising income, and the trend has accelerated since 2008. There are more than 27 Million small businesses in America. If you enjoy meeting and mentoring people and nurturing their ambitions, PostNet may be a great fit for you. Check us out!


PostNet Printing Franchise provides design, shipping and marketing solutions for businesses

There are millions of small businesses in the United States, and they rely on strong business partners to help them grow. For two decades, PostNet printing franchises have been key allies of the businesses in their communities, providing them the support, tools, expertise and guidance they need to effectively market themselves to customers.

PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers grow by helping other small businesses grow, too. We have won innumerable franchise industry awards, are led by a former chairman of the International Franchise Association, and have a track record of innovation that helps franchise owners stay on the cutting edge and continue to build loyalty among their customers.

Like the UPS Store franchise and FedEx Office, the PostNet printing franchise started out as a mailbox and shipping franchise before evolving to serve a burgeoning market: Small and medium-sized businesses that need help with everything from digital printing and graphic design services to website design and shipping and logistics.

The market for PostNet services is huge


The three industries in which we operate — digital printing, online marketing and shipping — have a combined value of more than $380 billion, and our niche within those industries is growing fast. There are more than 27 million small businesses in America. Self-employment has grown tremendously since 2001 as Americans have started their own businesses to develop a steady and rising income, and the trend has accelerated since 2008 as more people opted for business ownership over dwindling careers. PostNet is the only printing franchise system established to provide the support businesses need to prosper.

Here’s a video interview with Steve and Brian, which also features some of our franchisees. PostNet has about 300 franchise owners nationwide and 700 worldwide, and our franchisees has been successful in small towns, big cities and everywhere in between.

Who makes a great PostNet franchisee?

The most successful PostNet franchisees are civic-minded and outgoing people who gain fulfillment from working with small business owners, schools and others in their communities — people like Tom Fletcher of Sewell, N.J.

Tom was a senior vice president at Chemical Bank in New York City before the company was purchased by J.P. Morgan. It was the latest in a series of mergers that removed Tom more and more from customers. After 33 years in banking, Tom was ready for a new challenge. “I thought this was madness,” he says, “and I wanted to do something different.”

Tom loves being able to once again connect with small business owners and help them grow. He immediately set out to join the business community in Sewell — and he is now president of the Chamber of Commerce and the local Rotary Club, sits on the mayor’s economic development task force and is the president of his BNI networking group. “People do business with people they know,” Tom says.

Of course, you don’t have to be as involved in the community as Tom to run a successful PostNet. But you need to be comfortable getting out from behind the counter and building relationships in the community. Your services can benefit nearly every business person you meet.

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